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  I'm currently working on five out of ten original songs  for a new album, titled “Priscilla". 
Named both for the piano in the studio, and for the ghost that’s said to haunt the building. 

The album will be piano-centered recording, capturing the "spirit of the 70's" singer/songwriters, e.g. Elton John & Billy Joel .  The bonus song is a dramatic remake of the classic  "Stairway to Heaven", making use of the 9ft. concert grand instead of the usual Les Paul and Marshall Stacks.
I'm playing all of the instruments on this album so far.
NO computer generated instruments or synthesizers.
Ain't nothing like the real thing baby......

Been making progress.. Just not enough hours in the day.....

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                        ~Thanks so much, Joe

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"Goodnight Cape Cod" !!


I've spent many magical summers on the beaches of Cape Cod Massachusetts. This song is an ode to an old friend....

To accompany the book "Unwavering Strength"      

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Why did I choose Stairway to Heaven as my cover song??

Goodnight Cape Cod

Hale/Imagine Mashup

My contribution to the Boston Marathon Bombing victims.


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Unwavering Strength Book Launch Party

Delta Markham Hotel , 50 East Valhalla Drive, Markham, ON L3R 0A3


Joe wrote the song "Unwavering Strength " which was written for his good friend, who was in the fight of her life, battling cancer. Joe will be performing the song at this book launch party.

Unwavering Strength is a compilation of stories to inspire others to find strength and comfort in the journey’s others have taken through experiences of grief, loss, trauma and heartache.

% of proceeds from the site and the book will be donated to help families suffering through cancer to pay for medical support, child care, experimental treatments, day to day care of their families, and even to help them achieve their bucket list.

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